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Song of the Week: Mina & Steph Back - 58%, Saturday, 16 of July 2011

New version - Staph Beck
Hi All,

The new version of our website is out. But there isn't an english version for the moment. We're sorry about that. But the new website is quite similar, so you could find easily new stuff like fanart or wallpaper.
Hope you will enjoy.

13 Dec 2011

Dying Breed Live - Staph Beck
We don't know about the possibility of a release with dying breed's song, or beck's song (from the live action movie) but, some informations about dying breed's track :

composed by Aida Shigekazu, sung by Anis Shimada

Composed by Momo Kazuhiro; sung by Anis Shimada

Composed by Curly Giraffe, sung by Anis Shimada

Anis Shimada is the singer of MONORAL, a band who composed the opening of Ergo Proxy.
Aida Shigekazu is the guitarist of HiGE.
Momo Kazuhiro is the guitarist and singer of MO'SOME TONEBENDER
Curly Giraffe a japanese solo artist.

see ya
27 Apr 2011

song of the middle of the month - Staph Beck
Hi all !

He hasn't got a violin's voice, and he sings pretty good. This our Edward in spite of me covering Knocking on heaven's door.

see ya
17 Mar 2011

MOON BEAMS - Staph Beck
thanks to Meteor and Blink59 about this news.
In the movie, you will hear a song called Moon Beams.
In fact, the original performer is Spank Page and the title of this song is BOY.
So on Youtube you could watch an adited video with the original voice from the singer. And yes, we all are desappointed about the violin's voice of Koyuki ^^ So it sounds better with a voice :)
03 Mar 2011

VOST - Staph Beck
Thanks to sekaihope for this news. You wanna watch beck's movie with subtitle ?
yes ? are you sure ? :D
ok, I give you THE website here it is, viki.

All the movie is subbed in english. German, french, roumania is also available.
have a nice film
23 Feb 2011

trailer dvd beck - Staph Beck
Thanks to Chu for this news.
The release of Beck's movie will be out in february in japan. So we could watch a "new" trailer on youtube.
Check this out
25 Jan 2011

Hiro Mizushima's Interview - Beckuto
We also showed you some interviews of the Beck Movies' Actor but now, thanks to CHU (by mail), you can see a Hiro Mizushima's Interview (Ryusuke) with some extracts of the movie: Hiro Mizushima's Interview

If you got some news, pictures, videos or another things who talk about BECK, you can Contact Us. You can help us to make of this site the biggest Beck's Fansite! wink
11 Jan 2011

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